September 2011

September with full activity again. Music flows and are created for my projects Irmelin, duo with Michael Godée, duo with Hannu Kella, and Nordic wedding Music not the least. More collaboration with Gunnar Eriksson and his choir is coming up also, I'm so happy about that. Concerts are going to be made in near future this autumn, and plans are set up for next year. I arrange music for choir, and I research and rehearse for all my groups. After such a lovely summer I have lots of energy to get go for it! It's a joy to go to work with voice and music every day. As a refill of my own energy and skills, I'm proud to be one of the 10 performing artists who will have classes in Alexander Technique, by the organization Trappan here in Göteborg. I wish you all there a good way of constantly refilling your batteries and dreams so the summerlight energy will last long long into the colder season. Sunshine we can always have inside!